Gifted students in the heartland: Who they are and why it matters


Jude Matyo-Cepero, Phu Vu, Richard Meyer, Wendy McCarty & Bailey Irwin


This study used a data collecting technique called Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) to examine profiles of 109 gifted students in Nebraska who achieved perfect ACT and/or SAT scores between the years 2011 and 2016. The result of data analysis showed that most were white male students from private schools in urban areas. According to those talented students, achieving perfect test scores may be attributed to their hard work and/or multiple attempts. Compared to their school counterparts, the focus students were also comparatively well-rounded in terms of academic excellence and leadership in their schools’ extracurricular activities and community service. Based on the findings, it is argued that nature and nurture are not mutually exclusive when it comes to gifted students; educators and other stakeholders can thus seek to not only nurture gifted students’ natural abilities, but also to help build a strong academic work ethic and commitment to service to others.


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Keywords: gifted students, perfect test scores, high school students, educational data mining